HolderMoon is a Bep20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain network that provides rewards per block on every trade built on decentralized finance.

A new Era Begins

It is sufficient to change the Slippage value from Settings to 7.55%, if it does not accept the minimum, to 8% so that you do not get an error while purchasing.



4% of each swap transactıon ıs dıstrıbuted to all wallets as a reflectıon.


We are ımprovıng our Ecosystem together wıth Burn at certaın perıods.

Lıquıdıty Gaın

3% of each swap transactıon ıs added to the Locked lıquıd pool so that we maıntaın a secure ecosystem.

What is HolderMoon

Decentralized Platform
HolderMoon Token is a decentralized DeFi BEP-20 project that aims to destroy the negative inflation in front of it with its own system to reach the Moon..
Our target mining application and all projects developed as an idea in the background will be integrated into the system through the HolderMoon token.
Burn Rate
This system, which we have established with Burn rates, will provide continuous income to our Holders.
Holdermoon Token

Why choose Holdermoon

Mobıle payment make easy
You can use a mobile device to pay with simple steps
Reward on your wallet
There is a 7% deduction for every trade. 3% of this deduction is added to liquidity. 4% is distributed to all holdermoon holders.
Protect the ıdentıty
Use a mobile device to pay with simple steps
Securıty & control over money
We provide high levels of security to all users


HolderMoon brings innovation to the system in the world of Crypto with the company Prospektus AG, which is a partner in its ecosystem.

How Prospektus AG works: reliably delivers Swiss-based Gold bars in grams.

Purchased gold products provide profit to the person every month for 36 months.

If the person sponsors as a reference, the extra profit for 36 months and the earnings in this sponsor system are transferred as HolderMoon and the HolderMoon ecosystem develops in the most reliable way.

Earn 2% profit on your gold investment every month for 36 month.
Certified and documented by the Swiss reserve bank.
Take your step with the Ecosystem created in partnership with HolderMoon and Prospektus AG

As Prospektus Holder Team, we are a Team of Swiss-based Prospektus AG. We are a development Team that has been helping many companies with software development since 2017.  As one of the world’s first Software Development teams, we provide Basic, comprehensive and Professional support with Premium features for businesses in the Crypto World

Sponsor-Code: 124895
Minimum Order Value 1000, - Euro for VIP Gold


White Paper

Here is our white paper to help you understand us and our operation in depth.


Our inspection certificate by German company SolidProof.

Holdermoon Token


Our Strategy & Project Plan

2021 - III. IV. Quarter

2022 - I. Quarter

2022 - II. & III. Quarter

2022 - IV. Quarter


Frenquently Questions

Blockchain is a method of storing information in the form of a chain of blocks. Each subsequent block references the previous one, so that the removal of the intermediate link invalidates the entire chain. Blockchain technology is used in modern solutions of distributed networks, when information is written to the chain by many participants, none of which can change the previously recorded data. This approach allows you to create reliable and transparent records of all transactions made on the network at the technological level.

You can use BNB, BUSD to buy HolderMoon Token.

To participate in an ICO you need cryptocurrencies, usually Ether or Bitcoin.
You can exchange Holdermoon token for Bnb Ethereum and Bitcoin
Transfer your Coins from the Exchange to a Blockchain Wallet you Control.
Set up your Wallet.
Buy ICO Tokens.
Secure your Tokens.